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What is Attio?

CRMs are at the center of the software stack for millions of businesses. They're ubiquitous and totally essential, yet current products are completely archaic, unloved and in massive need of overhaul.

This is software that millions of people use for hours and hours a day – and a $50 billion category – yet you probably can't think of a single awesome piece of software in this space.

Attio is changing that. We’re building a radically new type of CRM that is incredibly flexible and as powerful as the most advanced CRM data models, but also as intuitive, delightful and collaborative as today’s best software.

Attio is the CRM of the future: a living, breathing platform that connects with a customer’s GTM stack and evolves with them as they grow – from zero to IPO and beyond.

Why is this role important?

As a Senior Talent Partner at Attio you will work with Hiring Managers to hire across engineering, design, product, sales, success, support and operations.

We are particularly interested in hearing from those with:

Whose team will you join?

You will join the Talent team, working with Don and doubling the size of our recruiting resource. The team will focus on increasing Attio’s talent density by adding high quality talent to our team, community and networks. Whilst we work on hiring priorities, we continuously discover and review great talent for all areas of Attio, generating highly personalised engagement to build our talent community for when the timing is right.

People are our highest priority at Attio, we want to be responsible building a world class team whilst providing an industry leading experience for our hiring teams and candidates.